The State of Analytics Event

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

NASCAR Hall of Fame, 500 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202

The Analytics and Big Data Society is pleased to invite you to our first event of the New Year at Charlotte's NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Join us from 4-7pm to network, socialize, and preview what ABD Society has up its sleeve in 2017. 

Event Schedule

3:30 PM - Registration    4:00 PM - Main Session     6:00 PM - Wine and Cheese Social

meet the speakers


Rick Doody - MC

Rick is the Chief Information Officer for SPX Corp headquartered in Charlotte NC. In this role, Rick is responsible for all facets of Global Information Technology representing Corporate IT, HVAC, Detection & Measurement and Power Businesses.

Jen Underwood - Keynote Speaker

Surfing the Waves of Analytics Industry Trends

In this session, we will explore the waves of change throughout the analytics industry. We discuss how to keep track of transformational trends, adapting analytics architecture and exploring "blue ocean" opportunities in a new world of data. Topics include Immersive Experiences with Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Analytics Automation, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud and Hybrid Integration.


Jiye Kim Park

One of the great challenges of visual neuroscience is to reveal the neural mechanisms defining our perceptual experience. The human visual system is extremely efficient at recognizing objects, even for novel ones never encountered before and often under poor viewing conditions. I will discuss research understanding the neural mechanisms of object understanding by combining complementary methodologies such as psychophysical (i.e., behavioral experiments), neuroimaging (i.e., fMRI, EEG and TMS), human electrophysiology and computational techniques such as machine learning.

John Thomas

Data science is transforming the way that companies operate by allowing them to leverage their data more rapidly and reliably than ever before.  This talk will describe the technology and algorithms behind the data science product that won the North Carolina Technology Award for Best Use of Analytics in 2016 and the impact that this initiative has had at Red Ventures.  Using this product as a starting point, we'll define the current state of data science and hypothesize about where it is headed.