Ryan Ritz

Managing Director at Noventas, Owner of Bethesmartmoney.com  |  LinkedIn


Ryan Ritz is a Managing Director at Noventas. 

Over the past 20 years, Ritz has led the pricing and customer analytics functions for the largest retail branch banking system, as well as the largest direct bank in North America, combining extensive practical experience with leading-edge quantitative techniques to advance the application of pricing analytics in banking. As a senior executive at Bank of America, he led marketing, pricing and profitability analytics for home loans, and helped build the Bank's loan price modeling capabilities. At Ally, he led the development of big data analytics innovations that helped the direct bank develop breakthrough segmentation techniques and grow profitable customer balances. At Nomis, he led the company's deposit products and services business in the US. Ryan holds a BS in Mathematics, a MS in Statistics, and is a Gruber Scholar from the University of Virgina.

Ritz also developed a model for horse racing, written in SAS, for his side project Bethesmartmoney.com.