Data Modernization

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 4:00 PM

NASCAR Hall of Fame , 400 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28202

The Analytics and Big Data Society is pleased to invite you to our second signature event of 2017 at Charlotte's NASCAR Hall of Fame. Join us from 4-7pm to network, socialize, and talk about Data Modernization.

Event Schedule: 

3:15PM-4:00PM - Registration
4:00PM-4:07PM - Welcome
4:07PM-4:15PM - Tech & Data, the Interdependency with Rishi Bhatnagar
4:15PM-4:45PM - From Zero to CDO in 12 Months with CJ Nakamura
4:45PM-5:00PM - Data Modernization Case Study with Lalit Thakur
5:00PM-5:45PM - Expert Panel Discussion and Public Q&A
5:45PM-5:50PM - Closing Remarks
5:50PM-7:00 PM - Wine and Cheese Social



Founder of Analytics & Big Data Society | LinkedIn

Topic: Tech and Data, the Interdependency

Carl-Johan (cj) nakamura

Global Head - EDM, Cerner Corporation

Topic: Zero to CDO in 12 Months

Bio: CJ is a Fortune 500 Business Technology leader and Serial Entrepreneur in Healthcare IT, Technology, and Finance across the US, Europe and Asia. Founded start-ups and served on boards at 7 ventures, with 4 successful exits to public and private firms. His corporate experience encompasses leading Siemens Health Service’s Global PMO for Meaningful Use and Software Migrations, managing Clinical IT implementations at some of US largest acute care provider networks, founded the Business Analytics & Monitoring group at Siemens HS, and most recently the Global Head of the Enterprise Data Management office at Cerner Corporation.

CJ thrives to entrepreneurially bringing together people, products and processes, to create evidence-based value outcomes through innovative, disruptive and financial advantages for his stakeholders and clients. Winning with integrity, openly and transparently, with high level of creative innovation, cross-functional collaboration, and with no second agenda describes his mantra.

CJ speaks 5 languages. Former chess champion of Sweden. Long distance runner. Soccer coach. Penn State board advisor. Educated at Harvard, NTU and New York University. Lived in Stockholm, Tokyo, London, Milan, Boston, NYC and currently residing in Philadelphia with wife and two daughters


Lalit Thakur


Topic: Just Google Data Modernization and you will be hit with 22M articles on this topic. So clearly we know a thing or two about this subject. How are organizations adopting this? Why should they adopt? The C-Suite is being increasingly asked by their board to modernize their data assets. The question is – what does it mean to modernize. My ETLs are running just fine, my analytics is showing me great dashboards and I continue to gain operational efficiency. So what am I missing. Let’s discuss this topic in a 15 minute teaser session! I promise I will not tell you anything you don’t know – and yet will stimulate thoughts.

Bio: Lalit is a highly innovative and results-driven enterprise digital executive with global and domestic expertise in big data, new product/service development & implementation, digital strategy and process improvement. He is a strategic thought leader & proven influencer with execution experience across data management, IT, process and standards.

Lalit's experience ranges across multiple business domains/functions such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution, M&A, Industry Standards, Process Improvement, P&L. He built a global data platform at Solera Holdings and successfully launched a Hadoop infrastructure at Premier, Inc. He has significant knowledge of information technologies including Big Data, ERP systems, e-Commerce, Open Source, databases and applications development.

Expert Panel

Joe Topinka

CIO - SnapAv | LinkedIn

Rick Doody

CIO - SPX Corporation | LinkedIn

Shikha Kashyap

CTO - Syntelli Solutions | LinkedIn

Mirsad Hadzikadic

Executive Director - Data Science Initiative | LinkedIn